About Me and this Blog

My name is Heather and I am a Stage IV Colon Cancer survivor.

I’m 39 years old and was officially diagnosed on Feb 29th, 2012.  I had surgery to remove the mass in my colon and masses on my ovaries.  They removed my ovaries too.  I also had 14 lymph nodes removed and 5 of them were cancerous.  I still have many cancerous tumors left in my liver.

I have an amazingly fantastic wife, Mary Jo who is the light of my life and the best cheerleader through this twisted journey.
We have a 11 year old son, Kian and an 9 year old daughter, Nalani.  They are super sweet and they make me laugh.

I have the most incredible support system of family and friends.  I couldn’t of asked for more love in my life and it keeps me going when things get ugly.

I’m writing this blog to keep everyone informed of what’s happening in our crazy lives with this cancer thing.  It also keeps me sane to share this journey.  Hopefully it will maybe help someone else who find themselves in this similar journey.

Heather (me), Mary Jo, Kian & Nalani

3 thoughts on “About Me and this Blog

  1. Sorry, but you have to learn few basic facts about cancer my friend…
    cancer is NOT “the tumour”. Beating a tumour is not ” beating cancer “. Please read, memorize, and come back to it when you have matured enough in your mind to come to the realization of the true scope of the issues.
    What they sometimes fail to disclose is that Chemo in general would leave you with compromised immune system, and a faster spreading cancer. Only the immune system can prevent the spread of cancer. Tumour existence is NOT what you should measure your success in fighting cancer by… (It might turn necrotic or calcified, and still show up).Watch for too much CT… it causes cancer!!! PET test might be more relevant, since it shows ACTIVE tumour, and it is safer.

    Hello, my name is Ari, I am a survivor (so far…) of two cancers, a widower of a cancer victim (now re-married..) and is dedicated to fighting cancer, and helping others do so.
    I lived in Toronto, Canada (my family is in southern California), and last year, after marriage, I moved to the Philippines. I am majority owner of a Dialysis clinic, and built a unique cancer clinic, the one I dreamt of having when my first wife was struggling. I took her to Mexico clinics twice, for treatments (which were very successful!), talked to dozens of physicians, and always found lack of properly equipped clinics, which could do a lot better if they were.
    Along the way, I have gained insight of how proper Hyperthermia should be applied. This is a method which doubles the success rate of conventional therapies, and alternative ones as well, provided it is done properly. I have purchased the most powerful device for this, and added two other types of devices, which when applied in the right order, prevent a process of DE-sensitizing of cancer cells to the effects of specific frequency hyperthermia. We also do mild whole body hyperthermia in order to strengthen the immune system (with no side effects),and help reach the right thermo-therapeutic levels within the tumour.(the right temperature simply destroys the tumour…). There are also other aspects to this, biological ones, which for lack of commercial incentive (UN-patentable..) is not pursued by multinational pharmaceutical corporations which control all medical research in the field.
    I also introduced other forms of immunotherapy, and alternative cytotoxic elements, such as Helixor, a mistletoe extract, which has three times better success rate then most chemo agents, without the side effects.
    I can give information about many clinics I learned about, (mainly in Mexico and Germany)
    If you are interested in getting free advice, please feel free to contact me, @ advancedcancertherapies@yahoo.com
    Ari Idan

  2. Talk is cheep…cheep. tell that to stage 4 patients we treated, who are home, with no signs of cancer.By now, we do not take new cancer patients. I pity you, and those who take your BS for face value.

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