The Warriors!

I’ve always been inspired by the Māori people and was privileged to have a Māori experience on my Honeymoon in New Zealand.  So when I first heard I had cancer the images of the Māori warriors came to my mind and are a symbol to me of this battle with cancer.

Inspired by my favorite blogger and this blog post, I requested all of my family and friends to send me their warrior poses (or faces).

I made this request not only because it’s fun, but I will actually use this page.  As I add the faces of all of my supporters, I will come back to this page when I feel like I can’t handle the pain.  I will come back here when I’m feeling down and need a laugh.  I will come back here when it feels like I can’t handle it anymore.  And these images will (and have already) give me the boost to get over that hump.

So send me your best poses!  Get people to pose for me!

And here are my warriors…

Celebrity warrior!  The inspiration herself sent a kick-ass panda warrior pose!

Another celebrity warrior!  Miss Hannah Hart from My Drunk Kitchen (one of my favorite video shows).  Thanks for the <3, Hannah!

My drum corps warriors.  Seriously, what would I ever do without these guys ❤


The awesome Warriors that my mom works with!  I haven’t even met most of these wonderful folks and they have shown me the most amazing support!

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Amborn warrior power!!!  Even little Lila got in on the action.  One of my favs.  Can we get a recreation with the new little warrior princess?

Wetsuit warrior!!

I wouldn’t mess with that cancer killin machine!!!

Blowing the cancer away!

Very focused warrior.

Don’t mess with this fighter!

Some dancing warrior poses.

Team in Training warriors!  GO TEAM!

Bad Ass with the gun!!

Wetsuit warrior!

Little soccer warrior!

That’s the spirit!!!

Mighty Mike’s big warrior pose!

Yeah girls!  That’s poses that’ll get it!


Great Maori spirit!!!

Well if cute kills cancer, this will certainly do it!

Sweet puppy warrior!

Witch warrior scaring it away!

My sister’s dog Sasha giving her fiercest pose.

My cousin the Mad Dr. Warrior.

I’m not messing with this crew!

This doesn’t quite look right without the set.  I’ll get those up soon.

Silly little warrior!

The bunko crew!

“Warrior pose! Yeah…I don’t really look mad or intimidating. I look like I really want to eat a big sandwich.” -Shaun

My cousin and his family.

My sister with hooded warrior face.

My brother in his most excellent warrior pose.

So not messing with these warriors!

Baby face warrior!  He’s got the whole Maori thing down.

Physics warriors!

2 thoughts on “The Warriors!

  1. Very cool pics ! Tiny and I are going to have to send one. I missed out on asking at yoga for warrior poses pics.

  2. This Is so awesome! Keep up the fight! My father passed away from Stage 4 pancreatic cancer almost 5 years ago. The time between diagnosis and his death was less than two months, but we all fought to find a cure and keep his spirits up. Please know we are praying for you, sending a voice to the universe of love, healing and empowerment. Your family and friends love you. Stay strong beautiful warrior!

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