Here’s your chance to get involved!

I’m taking a very serious poll…

Here are the pictures of each one:

If there’s a particular one you like in one of the packages, let me know in the comments field.  Thank you for the input!   😀

Here’s to Good Friends

I had a little birthday shindig yesterday and it was such a great day!
I decided last minute to throw a game night and we had at least 20 people come and join us.  I had a blast and it seemed like everyone had a good time as well.

A little while ago I posted on Facebook that I wanted to do something fun or funny to keep  all of the medical appointments as light and entertaining as possible.  I got a bunch of really great suggestions.  Here’s a few that I will have to try and slip in:
1. From my good friend Sarah “Try to use a ridiculous vocab word in a sentence while keeping a straight face, like carperpetuation or kattywompus . . . something to make them laugh.”
2. From my sister Teri “Take a different kind of juice in with you each time and when they ask for a urine test, poor the juice in the cup and drink it or act really offended when they look at you weird.”
3. My buddies Adrienne suggested a sequined glove, Jeff said a smelly shoe and Erica a monacale. Especially if I need to look at labs.
The ones that I really liked that I thought would be the easiest to consistently pull off was from Melissa who suggested handing out stickers and Bethany who suggested well placed temporary tattoos.
I mentioned this to the party guests if they wanted to make a donation to the cause in lue of a regular gift and boy did they come through!

I’ve got all kinds of stickers and tattoos!  Plus some groovy glasses 🙂

Thanks to everyone that came and made it a really great night!
So great in fact, that I think I overdid it just a little and was in bed all afternoon.  Doh!  It was so worth it though.

Sooo, on another note – tomorrow should be the day.  Hopefully.  Finally.
I’m nervous.  Ready to get on with whatever, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit scared. Thankfully I’m so worn out from yesterday I should still sleep like a baby tonight.
I will post as soon as I know something.  Stay tuned and get ready to pose…