I was quite productive today.  Felt good this morning.  Had some energy.  It was great.

I got on the phone with the current health system’s Member Services first thing.  Poor girl got to hear an earful from me.  I told her everything we’ve been going through and how unacceptable it was that they didn’t have a colonoscopy appointment until April.  She put me on hold a few times and finally came back with a magical appointment for Monday the 27th.  Amazing how that happens.

Well I’m totally the squeeky wheel now because I called the oncologist office to see if I could schedule and appointment with them as well and not only did they get me in but got me a sooner appointment for the colonoscopy.  Wed. the 22.  Magical.  Of course that’s two hours on the phone I could’ve done without, but at least we have progress.

I picked up my prep stuff for the procedure.  I’m gonna save that for another blog post, but, yikes!  I’m kinda scared.

The great news is I stopped by Sharp (medical system we are switching to) to sign the release forms for my medical records.  One of the women at the desk overheard who I was and told me that they were going to get me an appointment for a colonoscopy the first week of March since I had mentioned to the Dr. in my e-mail that Kaiser didn’t have an appointment until April.  How awesome is that?  I’m not even technically in their system yet and they’re already providing better service than where I am.  She also said they already had a referral in for oncology so I will be able to see them first week of March too.  YES!  THANK YOU!

I met up with MJ for lunch at a vegan restaurant called Loving Hut.  I’ll admit, I didn’t have very high expectations.  I saw the menu and it looked decent, but I wasn’t totally sold.  Well, it was AMAZING.  Very good food.  I had spring rolls and a “burger” and fries.

The burger tasted kinda like when Burger King used to do those “Western Whoppers”.  Yummy BBQ sauce.  Delish. I hardly finished any of it but it was the most I’ve eaten in weeks. MJ even liked her meal and she doesn’t do veggies.  I was shocked.  Place was packed too.  I highly recommend.

Productive day meant I crashed pretty hard in the afternoon after picking the kids up.  I really don’t like this part of it.  I get so tired.  I’m starting to feel like I need to take a nap daily now.  While that might sound very nice, it’s quite frustrating when you just want to get stuff done.  Cats are loving the nap buddy though, and well, it is a nice warm snuggle.