You put yer weed in it

Some of you may not agree with this post or it may put me in a light you didn’t know about.  I know I’ve discussed this topic before but it’s been awhile and I know there are new readers out there.  I’m sorry if this shocks you so I will start out by saying, yes, marijuana is legal to use medicinally in the State of California, and yes, I do use it for medical purposes.  I have pain that I have to take prescription meds for that I would rather not and I also have issues sleeping that they have given me prescription meds for that I would also rather not take.  If a little marijuana can help I would much rather go that route.

OK, now that we have that out of the way, I can tell you why I’m even bringing it up.

Something funny happened on the way to the dispensary…

In order to get medical marijuana in the State of California, you need to have a doctor who is licensed to “prescribe” marijuana give you a stamped Recommendation letter.

Photo on 9-26-14 at 8.08 PM

They are only good for one year and then you have to have it renewed.  A great way to keep all of these doctors in business.  It’s not cheap.  Oh, and for an extra fee you can get a card as well.  I’m still not totally sure what good it does but she totally did the hard sell on me to get it.

Photo on 9-26-14 at 2.47 PM

My letter had expired.  My friend wanted to go to the dispensary in a couple of days and the doctor I had gone to before takes a week to get the letter to you, so my friend recommended a guy he had seen that gives you the letter in the same visit.  Sweet!  So a few days ago I went to see his guy and I just had to share the experience.

The office was in a kinda of industrial area.  The building was nice but a little bare.  The area around it seemed bare too.  No big deal.  Not judging the place based on that.  I brought all of my diagnosis papers figuring he would need to see them.  I had everything in a binder all ready.
I walk in and there was a receptionist who asked if I was there to see the doctor and when I said I was immediately threw a clipboard in my hands and told me to fill it out. Front and back.  Apparently they were getting ready to leave for lunch.

The sheet on one side had a bunch of questions asking about why I couldn’t sleep, what had I tried to fall asleep and if I had used marijuana in the past to help me sleep.  I do have trouble sleeping but I don’t remember telling her that.  Honestly I may have over the phone and that’s why she gave me that sheet, or that’s just the standard sheet they give to everyone and ALL of his patients just happen to have sleeping issues.
I finished filling it out and she told me to wait in the the waiting area until the doctor was ready to see me.

The waiting area was interesting.  There were articles all over the walls about milk.  Mostly about drinking raw milk, I think.  I think there were also a few about butter and there were 3 bumper stickers all relating to how 9/11 was “an inside job”.  I know how I felt sitting there, I will let you form your own opinions.

I was called back to see the doctor and he was pretty much what I expected to see.  And smell.  I found this picture of him online from 5 years ago.


The ironic thing is that his practice is called “Anti-Aging Arts” but he looked at least 10 if not 15 years older when I saw him in person.  His beard halfway down his chest, his hair was long and all of it was grey.

He had all of his degrees on the wall.  He was a Graduate of Harvard & UCLA and a UCSD General Surgeon.  The guy is obviously brilliant, but I don’t know if he’s partaken of too much of what he prescribes or what.
I walked in, sat down, and he started talking to me about how I need to learn how to make this butter or a tincture.  As he was talking he put this dirty old cuff on my arm and took my blood pressure.  He continued to tell me how I need to smoke every day to make sure it builds up in my system because thats how it attacks cancer cells.  He went on and on and on about ghee and making sure I used “food grade” glycerine” and he would circle it on this paper.  For what?  What the hell are you talking about???

Photo on 9-26-14 at 2.50 PM

He went on for about 10 minutes then asked if I had any questions.
Um, yeah…   all of it?  What are you talking about?
But of course I said no and he told me to wait back in the waiting area for my papers.

When I got back to the waiting area the TV was on and there were people talking in a town hall discussion style about milk.  I was ready to go.

She called me up, gave me my papers and I was on my way.
All of that so I could go to the dispensary today.  Totally worth the story and the trip to the dispensary!

Photo on 9-26-14 at 7.28 PM

I just had to share because it was too funny not to.


1 thought on “You put yer weed in it

  1. Hah. Wow. Well not at all surprising since having worked next door to a dispensary for 2 years, I know for sure that doctors are NOT screening people for true need. And yes, you do need a State card. Seems the law doesn’t make that clear, but N said they stop people all the time who have a “prescription” but not a state card, and you must be registered with the state to purchase and consume legally. So glad it’s working for you.

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