First Descents

I never really wrote about this experience.  I made a couple of trailer videos.  I had every intention of making a full video and I still haven’t gotten to it.  Hopefully I will.  It has just slipped on my priority of things to get done.  Here is the trailer for those that didn’t see…

It was a life changing trip for me.  When I was diagnosed, all of a sudden there were all of these things I “couldn’t” or “shouldn’t” do.  Can’t lift things.  Can’t eat sushi.  Careful about traveling.  Everything became big and I started to play into “being sick”.  That I would need to rest often and I wasn’t able to do things that others were able to.

Well all of that changed on that trip.

The first day when we were learning how to flip and learning how to paddle.  I still thought I was weak and had to sit out.  This is me sitting with Uncle Pete because they still made me “get into the boat”  I wasn’t going to get out of participating.



This post will have a lot of pictures btw.

So I learned how to do everything that would make me successful on the river.
I learned how to flip.



I learned how to deal with the equipment.

11503_10200137128576143_22533597_n DSCN0334 J3744x5616-00136

I learned how to rely on others.


I fell in love with some people that made me laugh hard.


This is Sailor.  He had colon cancer too.

P1410575 J5616x3744-00039 IMG_0810

These were some of our guides that were amazing in taking us down the river.IMG_0832

Some people went in the water.IMG_0614


This lady made me LAUGH.IMG_0206

So did these two.P1410611

I learned I could do things I never thought I could.

IMG_2235 IMG_2063

Most of all, I had fun doing it!

J5616x3744-00769 IMG_1733 IMG_1115 IMG_0772

And got to know amazing people.

P1410768 P1410689 IMG_1284

It unfortunately didn’t change the fact that we had cancer and we lost a very special person a few months ago.  She was my roommate and my friend and I hate this fucking disease for taking her.  I miss her beautiful smile and her amazing laugh.


I love this shot of Pica helping Jane.  It’s so much IMG_0102

There was only one thing I couldn’t do due to bleeding.  I’m still a little sad I couldn’t of joined because it looked amazing.

IMG_1210 IMG_1138

There were moments that we were able to be very raw.  One day we wrote all of the crappy things we hate on a rock and we threw it into the river.  It was very freeing.


And I met friends that I will NEVER forget.  We bonded that week in a way that’s very special and doesn’t happen that often.


The thing I’ll remember most is to enjoy the river.  The end rapids was huge and I was nervous about it and worried about it to the point that I realized I wasn’t enjoying the river as I went.  My end will come so there’s no point in worrying about it.  Just enjoy the river as it comes.


I have another trip coming up that will be a bit different but I’m sure just as impacting.  I’ve been trying to raise money to “pay it forward” so someone else can enjoy the same trip that I am about to do.  If you can spare $5 or $10 even $25 it would be much appreciated!

Click here to donate or see the video.

Thanks for watching/reading.  I’m sure there’s more that I will think about the adventure so you may have to tune back in 😀



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