Helping a friend

So remember that amazing kayaking trip I went on that I haven’t told you all about yet other than it was super rad and totally changed my life?  Well, here’s a picture of our group:


Looks like a fun group, huh?
I swear I’m going to get to telling out about it.  I really am.

Anyway, this is “Lefty”:


Yeah, so she’s one of my buds from that crazy week. Lefty is trying to raise money for the organization that made that trip possible, First Descents.


It costs about $1000 per person for the week we are there and they provide that experience to those of us who are battling cancer or have been on the front lines at no cost to us. When you are dealing with cancer, there are a lot of bills to pay and they don’t want money to be an obstacle for someone to miss the chance to be reminded of what they are capable of. I left that week able to reclaim a lot of what I thought cancer took away from me. It’s an encounter that everyone who is dealing with cancer should be allowed to have.

If you want to know a little more about it, check out this video from the First Descents website:

Or check out a little video I made from my week to share with the young survivor group I attend:

Donations to this organization are extremely valuable. I know that everyone who works for or participates with this group will be extremely thankful for your generosity.

Lefty has been struggling with people who said they would donate but haven’t.


Sooo, I’m gonna help a friend out, make this a little fun and put a challenge out there to you all…

***I will match any donations made to Lefty today, Saturday, January 11th, 2014, up to $800.00. ***

So even if you can just spare $5, you’ll be making it $10 for FD.
And to make it even more fun, for every donation made to Erin today, I will take some kind of silly picture of a sign of what you donated and post it here.
**This offer is also only good for donations made to Lefty today, Saturday January 11th, 2014.**


So get out your credit card click the link below and let’s send some cancer peeps down the river, up the mountains or across the waves. I GUARANTEE you will be a part of changing someone’s life.

Here’s her donation page:

Let me know if you have any questions.

Lefty, I hope this helps!
<3,  Jazz.


We did it!  YOU guys did it!  You made me pony up the whole $800 and I’m more than happy to do so.  😀   Thank you, thank you, thank you.  But don’t stop there if you still want to help out!  First Descents can ALWAYS use the contributions.



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