The last couple of weeks

I’m feeling better.  Yay!

In all the sick and craziness I haven’t had a chance to post about the UNDY 5000.  So here it is:

On the morning of Saturday March 9th we did the 5k run to support the Colon Cancer Alliance. Many of you donated to support me and I can’t thank you enough!
When I started fundraising I had no idea I would ever be close to being the top fundraiser.  When I got close to it towards the end I went for it and the support was great!  “Stan” the second place guy came out of nowhere in the last week and we had a little competition going every day up until the end.
When we went to bed the night before the race I was in the lead by a few hundred.  Thought I had it in the bag.
I woke up around 3 in the morning and went to the bathroom.  I figured I’d check the figures while I was up and wouldn’t you know it…  some other guy “Patrick” got a few thousand dollars in donations and came from nowhere to edge up on me.  He was only a hundred dollars away.
When I woke up he had passed me by $50.  Seriously?!??  I got a few more dontations but at 6:30 (when they were checking people in for the race) he was up by like $700.  The pisser about it was I had a huge match that hadn’t gone through yet.  Once that does I’d be up by over a thousand.
Well…  before the race started they announced the highest fundraisers.  They didn’t check the numbers that morning I guess because they announced me as the top fundraiser!


About 5 minutes later they announced that Patrick had gotten all those donations in the last night.  He didn’t seem happy with that though.  Whatever.  I think it was win-win.  Cause really, once that match comes in I’m still the top girl 😀
I did get to meet “Stan” and he was really cool.  We joked how we kept each other going in getting all those donations.  So glad it was going to a cause that helps the both of us.

The race was nice.  Considering I didn’t really train and I had just started a new chemo the Tuesday before, I did well.  About a 15 minute mile.
It’s called the UNDY 5000 because many people run in their underwear.  Being that it’s San Diego and were weather wimps, most of us wore our undies over pants.


Our friend Tracy was participating with another team and our friend Ruth came to watch so we met up with them.  It was fun to know other people there.

Tracy, MJ and I at the starting line:

After the race they had a nice survivor ceremony. There were 45 survivors that participated in the event.  It was a little emotional for me. We all got special medals:


MJ and I after the race.  I can’t tell you how much I ❤ her:


The following day we went to the Ostomy Fair!  Good times I tell ya!
It was smaller than I thought.  Just a room with about 5 tables.  Surprisingly I was not the youngest person there.  There were quite a few young people there, but mostly old.  The one thing I found funny about being there.  A little secret…  when you have a colostomy one secret you always have when you are in public is that “I could be pooping right now”.  It’s kinda funny depending on who you’re talking to.  You know, like one of the kids teachers.  But when you go to an Ostomy Fair, EVERYONE has that same secret.  It was weird talking to someone and thinking “THEY could be pooping right now”.

And then I got sick that week. Missed PaleyFest. You’ve already heard that story.  If not, click back a few posts.

After years of saving and dealing with working on a laptop I finally got myself a new desktop computer!  It arrived this week and it’s just as amazing as I dreamed it would be (yes, this is very big news for the computer nerd girl).


And today?  I’m not starting out this week well.
I guess I figured since I got a new computer and all I may as well go ahead and break my iPad.  Yeah.
Slipped right off my lap onto the tile.  No Apple Care. The crunching sound making me not want to open my eyes.
Went to go get that fixed today and afterward had to go get my labs done to check my hemoglobin levels…
They wanted to schedule me for a transfusion. TOMORROW.
Um, I’m supposed to be heading to LA tomorrow to see The Big Bang Theory taping.
Kids are on spring break this week too.  Can’t have them sit with me for 6 hours while I’m in the chair,  so it was looking like my option was to miss going to see the show.  Seriously??!?
As I was about to lose it at my onc’s office, they said my numbers were OK enough to wait until Saturday.  While I’m not thrilled I have to get another transfusion, I’m so grateful I still get the chance to go tomorrow.

Stay tunned…  I will post about the taping experience later this week.


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