Starting to feel human again

Went to the oncologist today for a follow up and basically he thinks I just caught a nasty bug while my immunity was down. My labs and blood cultures didn’t show anything eles going on.

While I’ve had little colds here and there, most of my sicknesses in the last year have been chemo related. Considering how bad the flu went around this year and how immune compromised I am, I’m pretty lucky it only put me down for a few days.

The best news is that this wasn’t likely chemo sick so it’s not something I’ll have to look forward to next round!  Yay!

Thank you all for the funnies! It really did make me smile through an awful couple of days.

One thought on “Starting to feel human again

  1. Whoop! You rock, sistah….

    Here’s a funny for ya…

    We’re scaling back on booze and caffeine at our house. And meat. So the other night after a mocktail, lentil burgers and then a decaf coffee, my sweet husband wondered if we’d only be dry humping later.

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