Mile 24


I’ve finished two full marathons and during both of them, mile 24 was the toughest spot.
I think it’s the toughest mile because you’ve come soooo far and you see that mile marker and you get extremely excited!  Only 2.2 more miles to go!  And then you feel your body.  Every part of your body.  Your feet are swollen and starting to blister, your knees are begging you to just stop.  You have aches and pains in muscles you didn’t even know you have.  Your body starts to override your brian’s joy and tell you..  YOU HAVE 2.2 MILES TO GO  UGHHHH!  And those 2.2 miles in your mind start to feel like they may as well be another 24.

That’s where I am with this cancer and chemo right now.  I just saw the 24 mile marker.
I have 2 more rounds and then I get a new scan to see where I’m at.  I have high hopes for good news.  I even have visions of those last 3 tumors being gone and reaching N.E.D.  and maybe, JUST MAYBE I’ll get a chemo break.
I had my first round the end of March last year.  I had a small break in April but have been going pretty solid since May.  It’s along time.
My brain is so excited at the prospect of not having to do treatments and yet my body is pointing out there’s 2 more rounds.  Two more rounds of being tired.  Two more rounds of acne breakouts, mouth sores and insomnia.

I’m hitting my breaking point.

And that’s the mental game.  A lot of people say they could never do a marathon, but they really can.  It’s not about moving your body through it, it’s about moving your brain through it to get your body through.  And that’s what I need to remember.

Lately I’ve pulled out my finisher medals as a reminder what I can do.
I put myself on that course passing that mile 24 sign and I remember what it feels like and what I did to get through.  It helps.

Were close warriors!  If it looks like I need a boost, keep me movin on!

photo copy 13


One thought on “Mile 24

  1. GO TEAM WARRIOR GO! You can get it done Heather! Healing Heather, Healthier Heather, Heather is HEALED! God has His hand in all, let His Holy Spirit take over to give you the strength in these two final rounds. May God’s healing be yours as your next scan reveals further healing and with God’s will, NED! March on Warrior!

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