Butts vs Boobs

I hate fundraising.  Hate it.
Between Girl Scouts, Band, Drum Corps and such, I’ve done my fair share.
In 2009 when MJ and I decided to do the marathon with Team In Training, we were required to raise $1800 each.  It sucked.  I still can’t believe we managed to do it.  When I decided to participate again with Team In Training in 2011, I just paid all the money myself so I wouldn’t have to ask for money again.

Well, now here’s it’s 2 years later and I have cancer.  All those fundraising speeches about raising the money “to find a cure” hit me so much harder now.  Now I truly get it.  It’s about time or not having it.  I pray every day for those guys in the lab coats.  I pray that one of them finds that thing that going to keep me alive for another year.

So I entered a 5k that’s raising money for colon cancer.
Something I noticed though is the lack of money going to this cause.  So far the entire campaign has raised just over $10,000, which is great, but if you look at the “Pink” campaign or at the money Team In Training raises, it’s nothing.  Those events bring in MILLIONS.  MILLIONS.  A single person will fundraise $10,000 for one event.  And it’s great that they bring in that kind of money.  But did you know the top 2 killer cancers bring in the least amount of money?  Lung and colon.  It’s true.  And it bugs me so much.
There’s a stigma around lung cancer.  That most of the people who have it deserve it because they probably smoked.  And while that’s true that they may have contributed to their disease, it doesn’t mean that people aren’t suffering.
And colon?  Well, I just think there’s a lack of information about it.  That and it’s easy to market boobs.  Save the ta ta’s is a great campaign.  Ass cancer doesn’t quite have the same marketing appeal.  But did you know that colon cancer cases in people under 50 have risen 40% in the last few years.  FOURTY PERCENT.  That’s scary.

Every dollar is important to me.  It could save my life.  It could save someone else from having to go through what I have.  If you can spare it, I would greatly appreciate it.

This is the link to my page:

Colon Cancer Alliance UNDY5000

You can also join my team and walk/run with us if you’d like!  We get to run in our underwear!  No fundraising necessary  but will be very welcomed.  Let me know if you need the password to join.

Thanks for considering.



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