So ANGRY today.

Yup. I’m pissed.

And you should be too.

When I first started this cancer journey and went to oncologist appointments and to the infusion centers, I was almost always the youngest person in the room. Doctors would comment about how young I was to be there. Especially when I went to get a colonoscopy.
Over the last year I’ve noticed more younger people coming and going. Not all cancer patients use the infusion center, but it still does mean they are sick with something.
But this week was the worst. On Monday in the oncologist office, I only saw 3 other people, but they were all my age or younger. Tuesday in the infusion center, there was 1 very old woman, one other woman that was probably in her 50’s and the rest of us (there were FIVE others) were my age or younger.

What is happing???


We should be out living our lives!

Cancer cases are on the rise, especially in younger adults.
There are many articles, here are 2 to check out:

New York Times Article

Dana-Farber Article

We need to take a good look at ourselves and ask why? I know that genetics play a role in all of this, but I do believe some of it is preventable too. Including my own cancer. I know what I put into my body and I’m not completely shocked it happened. But did I ever tell myself it wouldn’t happen to me? Sure I did. And I’m sure you tell yourself the same thing. And I really hope it doesn’t happen to you. I couldn’t wish this one anyone, which is why I’m speaking up and hoping that you’ll listen.
The one common factor I see in almost all of the new people coming in? They’re usually overweight. Obesity is sickness. Nothing good comes of it.
I admit I know what horrible things I put in my body, but I still didn’t ever imagine it would lead to this. But after reading more and learning more about what certain things do to our bodies? I can’t believe I didn’t get sick sooner.

I want you all to please consider what you do yourself.
Do you still smoke? Seriously, knock that shit off right now. It’s not just lung cancer you risk. There are SEVENTEEN cancers that smoking directly relates to. Plus, even if you stop smoking now, doesn’t mean you won’t get sick years from now. Doesn’t that kinda scare you?
Fast food? I admit that I am a fast food junkie. I used to eat it frequently and in gross amounts. And even now having what I have and knowing what I know, I still crave that crap. And that’s what it is… crap. It’s not food. I’m not saying never have it, but treat it as you would any other treat you would allow yourself to have.
Alcohol? We all know the dangers. But know how hard it is on your body. I punished myself for years with excessive drinking. It took a major toll on my body and it’s not surprising that it is one of the leading causes of my cancer.

Let’s just talk about our diets in general. Do you drink soda? Oh I did. Love it. Still do. AND I still crave it and drink it. And like a drug addict I even try and sneak it sometimes. Although I usually get caught. Wanna know something? Soda is the devil. It’s the sugar mainly. Sugar is evil. ALL SUGAR IS EVIL. Don’t believe me? Watch these videos and tell me you don’t have a different opinion of anything sweet.

If you don’t have time to watch the first one, please take the time to at least watch the second.

When they were talking about that ban on big sodas in NYC I thought Bloomberg had lost his frickin mind, but soda processes in your liver the same way alcohol does. Same effects on your body without the buzz. Alcohol is regulated, maybe sodas should be too. Did you know they put salt in sodas to make you more thirsty so you’ll want to drink more? Evil, evil stuff.

Processed foods can not be good for us! And I think they contribute to the amount of sickness were having. Especially to younger people. Would you let your kid huff out of some random spray can? Probably not. But take a look at the chemicals on the side of the box of what you’re making for dinner. Are there things on there you can’t even pronounce?
We are too young to be this sick!!!
If you have an open mind about this and want to learn more, check out some of these documentaries:

I’m begging you all to please take a good look at your life. Are you putting healthy things into your body? Are you putting healthy things into your children’s bodies? Are you even aware of what is healthy or not? I wasn’t. Think having a glass of juice is really healthy for breakfast? Think again.

And while exercise is important, I think the core of our issues has to do with the chemicals we feed ourselves. If we feel better, we’ll be more inclined to move. I know when I feel good I’m more active.

Please share this post. Even if you don’t believe it yourself, someone might. This is coming from someone who is living the nightmare. Someone who is seeing more and more young people having to go through this hell with me. And it is hell. I try to be as positive as I can through this process, but it has robbed me of my life. And I’m pissed about it! As much as I try to share I don’t know if it’s enough. I don’t know if people can really understand.
This is a documentary from a young cancer survivor that can maybe put things in more perspective:

And it doesn’t just effect my life, it effects those that I love. My family. My friends. How has my sickness effected you? Has it made you think or be sad or question why? Think about how my wife feels every day. It has robbed her life too. It’s a second job that neither one of us wanted. Or our kids.

About 4 years ago I started to clean up my life. I quit smoking and tried eating healthier. Started to avoid chemicals. I completed two marathons and lost 50lbs.
And now?
I can’t get up the stairs today without being out of breath. I wanted to start training again and it takes everything I have to just go to the gym to just sit in the jacuzzi. I’m tired, I’m weak, my face is broken out, I have sores in my mouth and oh, yeah, there’s still that chance I can die young. It’s not a good feeling wondering if you’re going to outlive your cat.
I’m frustrated. I’m pissed. I’m ANGRY.
There are so many things I want to do. So many things that will be such a challenge now if I’ll be able to do at all. I was nervous about approaching 40 and now that I’m almost there in the condition I am, 40 is YOUNG. I have so much life I want to live yet.

Is this what you want for yourself?
Is this what you want for your kids?

Be angry with me that this is happening!
Share this with the ones you love.
Let’s get educated…

Before it’s too late.



2 thoughts on “So ANGRY today.

  1. GMO foods, preservatives, pesticides, vaccines, processed foods, smoking, drinking to excess, poor sleep habits, polypharmacy…NEED I SAY MORE? Call me a conspiracy theorist, but cancer is BIG business. Personally, I think we need to look at what we are putting into our bodies, willingly and by force (VACCINES)
    People need to wake up and stand up against what is happening.

    • Cancer is VERY BIG business. It’s expensive to be this sick! And I honestly don’t think my medical team is trying to keep me sick, but I don’t always follow everything they have for me. The creme they wanted me to put on my face has parabens in it. Something else that has been linked to cancer? No thanks. Already have cancer.
      You’re absolutely right. We all need to take charge about what we are putting into our bodies. No matter who it is that’s telling us to do so.

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