Happy New Year!

This is the first New Year’s in at least 5 years that we’ve not hosted our annual New Year’s game night. It was kinda weird, but nice. Since the kids are still in Minnesota with their dad, it was just MJ and I.
We had a pretty low key night. We went out shopping for a bit and stopped at Taco Bell on the way home. I had a bean burrito. I ❤ Taco Bell.
When we were in New Orleans, the place we stayed at had some food and snacks stocked in their fridge. One of the things they had was Cup O Noodles. I hadn't had one in a long time and MJ kinda teased me about it. So Santa ended up leaving me some in my stocking. So I had those for dinner as well. Taco Bell and Ramon. All I needed was a 40 of Steele Reserve or a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20 and I was bringing in the New Year like 1996.

We watched a documentary and then I worked on this:


Nalani got this “Extreme Dot-to-Dot” book for Christmas. I had to copy a few and try it myself. Do I know how to get down for a rockin New Year’s or what?

This would be the first New Year’s I think in my adult life that I would not have a drink. I still wasn’t feeling well and decided that even one drink would probably not be in my best interest. So I took a Vicodin and smoked a little of my medical marijuana, you know, to help with the withdrawals. So the night wasn’t a total bust. haha.

Ultimately, I entered the New Year with my love. Just the two of us. It seemed very fitting in a way. It’s been quite the year for us. Sometimes we’ve felt very alone and just us against the world. Even when we’ve struggled between us, we still always had each other. So it was a great way to say goodbye to that tough year and bring in the new one with all the hope we have.
It was a perfect night.

We spent New Year’s Day going to Pacific Beach walking around and shopping.


Ate dinner out and got some frozen yogurt. Doesn’t sound like much but we really had a fun day. It was good to get out of the house for me. I’ve been pretty much cooped up for about a week so this was needed.

So far 2013 has been good. No complaints here.

My top 10 goals for this year:
1. To stay out of the hospital. Including the ER.
2. To start training and swimming again.
3. Rock out classes and get closer to that piece of paper!
4. Get to N.E.D.
5. See and enjoy all that South Africa has to offer.
6. Stay off prescription meds.
7. Keep up the blog.
8. Appreciate all that I have. Every day.
9. Nurture and love all of my family, friends and contacts.
10. Have fun!

What’s your list for 2013?


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