Three little tumors

Let’s end this year with some good news, shall we?

Before I left for New Orleans in November I had an MRI done to see what my progress was. I waited to get the results until I got back. I just wanted to enjoy my trip.

The results were amazing!
As you may recall, when I started this journey I had more tumors on my liver than they could count. As of that MRI, I have THREE active tumors left and they are all less than 1cm. Can you believe it?


This is not my actual photo, but it’s what mine looked like. I think my oncologist was shocked too. He and I have never had a “prognosis talk”. I never wanted one. Didn’t matter to me. But my oncologist did let me know after this scan that he wasn’t sure I was going to make it through the first month of treatment. Whew! Wow. I can’t tell you how weird that was to hear. Glad it wasn’t so 🙂

So because of where I’m at I’m off of the big stuff chemo. Yay! I’m on more of a maintenance chemo now. Should mean less side effects. So far I haven’t noticed because of all the other things going on, so we’ll see.

Sure makes me feel that much closer to maybe kicking this thing!

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