Getting to me

I can honestly say that I really hope the scan on Friday shows more shrinkage.  Not just because that would be awesome, but to maybe have the chance to be off the Oxaliplatin.  The BIG chemo.

My side effects have really been minimal and I really can’t complain, but lately I’m just so tired.  Just want to sleep all the time.   Until those certain nights around midnight, of course, where I’m completely wired.  And then I’ll want to sleep until noon.
I have had a bit of nausea as well and I’m really ready to have a normal appetite again.  It’s been all over the place.

So prayers, thoughts, good mojo, whatever you want to throw this way for good results on Friday?  I’ll take ’em all!  😀

2 thoughts on “Getting to me

  1. Sending extra Love your way, best wishes for Friday. Can’t wait to see you, really looking forward to spending some time with you! Love ya! Scott

  2. Do whatever it takes right now Heather…fresh ginger for the nausea, non-GMO fresh organic veggies, foods with turmeric and other anti-oxidants…NO SUGAR OF ANY KIND…cancer cells thrive on sugar…no processed foods…I know that you are vegan right now, but if you are able to do a grass fed organic beef or free range organic chicken, do so for the extra protein…STAY AWAY FROM ANY SOY, except organic fermented soy products…keep that positive attitude girl…we all look up to you for our strength…besides of course that of the Holy Trinity…you are God’s awesome example of what we all need to do to survive…YOU ARE AWESOME and we are beside you even though we may be a few thousand miles east of you! XOXO The Sookhai’s!!

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