Last “Big” Chemo?!??

Some great news!

My CEA has gone down to 15.9!  I’m getting so close to a normal range number.

Also,  I was supposed to have one more big round of chemo before my next scan.  My oncologist has decided to skip the last one for now and just have the scan on Sept. 7th.  Depending on what the scans show, I might be going on the maintenance chemo schedule.  What that means is no more Oxaliplatin, which is the major chemo I’ve been getting.  The one with the most side effects.  I’ll keep taking the 5FU and a cousin drug to the Erbitux that I will only have to have every 2 weeks instead of every week.

It’s scary and exciting and hopefully means I’m heading closer to NED (No Evidence of Disease).  That is, of course, my ultimate goal.  The best I can hope for.

Thank you all for your continued support, prayers, good thoughts, hats, stones, rides, comfort and everything else.  I couldn’t of done all of this without all of that!

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