Back to Bloggin, Baby!

Well it’s been awhile, huh?   Miss me?
What have I been up to?

I have been fabulous!  I’ve been out and about.  I’ve been living like someone left the gate open.  I apologize for the lack of updates.  I needed a little break.  Needed to take some time to live outside of the cancer box.  But fear not dear friends!  I shall update you as best as I can in one post without boring you to tears.

Let’s see, what’s happened since the last post?  Let’s start with I lost that @!%#^& bag!  Whoo hoo! I went for a check on it and they finally removed it.  I was a little worried about the process when the nurse who scheduled the appointment asked if I wanted to be sedated for the procedure.  Normally, when they ask I do it.  I figure they know best and it must hurt if they offer that option.  Problem was we couldn’t find a day where someone could drive me for the appointment.  So the nurse offered to do it without sedation and if it got too painful we would reschedule.  Hmmm.  OK?  I guess?
So I did it.
He checked to make sure my gallbladder was functioning OK on it’s own and then started to take the bag out.  He snipped the wires and I was waiting for a local or something.  And then…  he ripped it out.  Just pulled it straight out.  And guess what?  Nothing.  Didn’t hurt a bit.  It was nothing.  Still can’t figure out why they would offer sedation for that 2 seconds that didn’t hurt.  Huh.  Anyways, it’s GONE!  I’ve been to the beach but I’ve yet to go swimming.  Yeah, I know…  I still have another bag to deal with for that and I haven’t gotten through it yet.  Soon though.  Soon.

Then let’s see…  what else?  I lost the mohawk.  It’s wonderful on hot days and gets cold at night sometimes.

People have made me hats!  So special.  I really love them.

Spent some amazing time with my mom and my brothers.    I miss them.  We had a lot of fun.

We went to PRIDE.

Marched with our church and spent the day with friends and family.

We threw a henna party.

A friend did the henna on my head.  The other pictures are designs I did on other people.

I watched the Olympics!  Who didn’t???

We don’t normally have cable in this house but we got it for 1 month so we could watch all the Olympics we could stand.  Six different channels of sporting goodness.  I’ve never been home during the day when they were on before.  I drowned myself in it.  From synchronized everything to things I didn’t even know were an Olympic sport.  And I’m looking at you, “Modern Pentathlon”.

Inspired by the Olympics I did a 5k!

The event was called Color Me Rad.  You wear as much white as you want or can.  During the last mile you go through “color stations” where volunteers throw colored corn starch at you.  By the end you’re a big rainbow.

Best. 5k. Ever.

And that pretty much sums up my summer.  Oh, yeah, and I’ve been home with the kids so that’s another reason I’ve been lacking on the updates.  A few more weeks and they’re back in school.  They aren’t quite as excited about that as I am.  I can’t figure out why.

So it’s good to be back.  I promise to update more frequently.  I didn’t like this big cram post.  Lack of details seems so blah.
How was your summer?


One thought on “Back to Bloggin, Baby!

  1. Hi Heather: Great to hear how things are going…and whew! I am exhausted girl. Keep up the good fight. I’m still working up a plan, with a yet to be identified travel buddy to come visit you soon. Sycnchronizing our schedules now. I hope to be in touch to coordinate very soon. Always inspirational and rejuvinating just to feel your amazing wit though your blog. Love ya lots! XOXO Scott

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