That #^$&*! bag

Let’s get a little personal here, shall we?  I mean, I don’t mind sharing but it might be TMI for some people.  Just warning.

Since I was in the hospital after our cruise I’ve had this biliary bag attached to me and I hate it. No, hate is too nice.  I detest it. I loathe it even.
First of all, it’s big.  I have to try and hide it and it makes the new cute shorts I got for my new littler body difficult to wear.  The cords on it are kinda long and they either tickle or scratch me. Secondly, I can’t swim because if it.  And that really pissed me off.  I love swimming and it’s summer now, damn it!
I’ve had to create a little hook in the shower so I don’t have to hold it while I’m bathing.  And let’s see, what else…  well, it just sucks!  It’s the one thing I have really whined about.

And so I will share with you what I’ve had to deal with for the last couple of months:

That thing on the left is my colostomy bag.  I’ve had that since the first surgery and that’s not going away any time soon unfortunately. That mess on the right is all from the biliary bag. I’m supposed to keep it bandaged like that all the time and that’s the bag I’m holding up that’s partly filled with bile.  Gross, huh?
And seriously, it’s a bitch to hide!

I met with the surgeon a couple of weeks ago and he said I can try turning the valve off to stop it draining into the bag and see if my gallbladder will start working again like it’s supposed to.  If I didn’t get any fevers or severe pain, he would take the bag out for me.  YAY!
So I turned the bag off and the next day I got stomach cramps. Severe enough to turn the drain back on.  I was so bummed.
I waited another week and decided to try one more time.  And it seemed to be OK.  I went almost a week without any issues.

Two nights ago I was changing my clothes and noticed a smell.  Not a nice smell, not a horrible one, just something odd.  I didn’t know where it was coming from.  And then I felt it.  The drip on my leg.  UGH!
The damn bag was leaking.
I’ve been using a safety pin to pin the bag up in my pants and it seemed that I accidentally poked into the bag part instead of the outside area.

I called my surgeon’s office first thing the next morning.  He told me to call and said he would take it out anyway if I wasn’t having problems. I figured it wouldn’t be too big of a deal since he already told me that.
I guess the nurse misunderstood me because when his office called me back they referred me to the doctor who takes care of my colostomy.  Since I didn’t know who takes care of what I called their office like I was told and waited all day for a call back.  It was late afternoon by the time they called me back to tell me I had the wrong office.  It was the surgeons office all along that was supposed to take car of it.
By the time I got a hold of them again my surgeon was at the hospital in surgery.  I was advised to go to the ER.  At a $250 co-pay, I wasn’t really interested in that option, but I wasn’t really excited about dealing with leaking bile all weekend either.
Luckily the nurse called me back and said that radiology would help me if I went down there right away.  So I did.
I was hoping they would be able to remove the bag all together, but they told me they couldn’t without my surgeon’s orders and he was obviously a little busy.
So I got a new bag.  Same size.  Grrrr.
I’m hoping to have it removed this coming week.
And if it all goes as planned?  Look for me in the pool or at the beach 😀

One thought on “That #^$&*! bag

  1. I envision a bile bagless body very soon…would that be “B-cubed?” Hope that you are in that swim suit very soon Heather! Love, Terri, et al!

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