New chemo, new side effects

I’ve changed my chemo regiment.  Again.

I was starting to get these blister sores on the bottom of my feet.  My oncologist said that they would get worse and he wanted to reduce the amount of Xeloda (the oral chemo) I was taking.
I told him about the 5k I just signed up for and asked if there was any way of preventing the feet sores.  He suggested that instead of the oral Xeloda, that I switch to the IV version called Fluorouracil or 5-FU.  So now every 2 weeks I get big chemo.  Once I finish with the big chemo, a nurse comes and hooks up this pump that I carry around for 2 days.  This last week I went to the fair with it.

It’s not as bad as you might think.  Not ideal of course, but I think I like it better than having to remember to take pills every day.

With new chemo comes new side effects.
I’m not sure exactly what’s new and what has just gotten worse.
My feet have started to heal up already and haven’t been bothering me too much.  My hands are pretty dry and sensitive.  Fingers are a bit cracked.
I’ve started having pretty severe sensitivity to cold in my hands and mouth.  Anytime my hands get cold I get a prickly sensation like if my arm was a sleep and it’s waking up.
If I drink something too cold it feels like I’m drinking needles.  Fun huh?
I think the worst thing I have right now is new mouth sores.  They’re bigger than the ones I had before and a little more painful.  You can see the one on my lip in the picture below.

You can also see the breakout on my face from the Erbitux.  I also have that on my chest and back.

Considering I’m in my 4th round, I’d say I’m doing pretty awesome.  I only have slight nausea when I get it and while I do get fatigued, I’m still keeping up and able to do things.
While it might seem to suck, and sometimes it does, everything is actually quite manageable.  And I still have my hair 🙂



One thought on “New chemo, new side effects

  1. Uh Oh…I guess I should have waited to shave my head in solidarity 😉 …just kidding. Really glad to hear some bumps in the raod are getting some resolution. I am sure it’s like the playing whack-a-mole on a roller coaster. Speaking of which, remeber when we went to Great America Chicago and there was like a cheerleader conventiona or someting, and Eric won a humongous flamingo! 🙂

    I am working on setting up a time to visit you. I believe John and Jill are planning for a time in August?, I’ll verify so not to overwhelm by going at the same time. Do you have a preferred date slot for a couple visitors? I can be very flexible and want to make sure it’s timed for your convenience; and/or during a time when it would best asist you and Mary Jo & the kids. Let me know, or I may shoot you a couple of date proposals to see if they work. Very much looking forward to seeing you, Love you so much! – Scott

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