Back in the Hospital

I was discharged from the hospital on May 1st.
Melissa, a very dear old friend of mine from my Glassmen days, was in town for a work meeting and came early to spend some time with me.  It was great to spend some time with her and also a nice distraction from not feeling well.
I felt OK the first few days she was here, but started to decline.  By the weekend I started to get fevers again.  I was so upset.

My discharge orders stated that I needed to contact them if I got a fever over 101.5.  I got up to 101.8.  I cried.  I didn’t want to call in because I was sure they were going to bring me back in the hospital.  I called and explained everything that was going on.  Luckily, the doc didn’t feel like coming in was going to help anything  so he had me continue to take Tylenol and follow up with my oncologist on Monday.
Because of the fevers he decided to postpone my chemo by a week.  This was an upsetting situation to be in.  Risks in dealing with the gallbladder. Risks in putting off chemo.  Feeling like I was going to be very sick whatever happens.

By the end of the week I was still getting sick and having fevers so on May 10 it was back to the hospital for me.  Hmph.  I at least got a chance to pack myself for this stay. I also decided to cut my hair before going in.  The long hair was too much to deal with anymore.

The other bonus was I was the lucky person to get “The Suite” on the oncology wing.  They have 1 room in the whole wing that is almost twice the size as the others.  They give it to whoever is coming in and the room is open, but I felt like I won the lottery.  It was nice!  I joked that it was my upgrade for my frequent flier miles.

I met with an infectious disease doctor who did a bunch more tests to find out what was continuing the fevers.  They still suspected the gallbladder but they weren’t 100% sure. They switched medications and I passed the time as best I could.  Since I’ve been dealing with some kind of infection, it was advised to not have visitors.  Even though this was the shortest of my hospital stays, it seemed like the longest being sequestered.

They never did find what exactly was causing the fevers but they did find an antibiotic that worked in keeping the fevers away.  After 4 days I got to go home again.
They sent me home with this antibiotic in an IV form.  They taught me how to do it and every 6 hours I hook myself up to the IV.


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