The long way home

The last two days of the cruise were at sea.  Since I had enjoyed my off shore adventures so much I was feeling a bit run down and spent more time in the state room.  I slept.  And slept some more.  Before I knew it I had slept most of the evening.  I joined everyone for dinner but left early.  I don’t even think I had desert that first night.
I woke up in a full sweat, burning up. I took my temp and it was 103.  I had been informed all along that if my temp was above 102 that I needed to see a doctor.
I was by myself but luckily Kian stopped in the room.  I had him find MJ.

The ship’s doctors are only available during certain hours of the day.  This was 10pm so they had to page them in for me.  Joy.  I’m sure that’s going to be cheap.

By the time the Doc and Nurse came down and took my temp I was up to 104.  And I was pretty miserable. And scared.  It’s not really fun to be that sick in the middle of the ocean.  I knew this was always a possibility, but you hope for the best and by the last two days I thought I might have made it through.  My body decided no.

There wasn’t much they could do for me on the ship.  They pumped me up with Tylenol and IV antibiotics.  It got me through the next day and 1/2 to get me home.
They tried to keep me as comfortable as possible.  The doc was from Sweden and the nurses were all from South Africa.  Interesting group.  The one nurse took to me though.  Her husband had died from cancer and she was the one who would come and sit with me through my IV treatments.  Seems like she never talked about it much.  I’m glad I was an ear for her to bend.

Unfortunately we didn’t have a direct flight from Ft. Lauderdale.  We had a layover in Chicago.  It was going to be a long, brutal day.  The only thing I could do was pray that the Tylenol would hold up to keep me together until we got to San Diego.
It did the trick well enough as I was able to manage.  I slept through most of the second leg.  Once we landed we drove straight to the Urgent Care Center.  Do not pass go, do not collect any clean clothes.

Urgent care seemed as stumped as to what to do with me as the ship docs.  They recommended we head over to the ER.  Great.
Luckily, our experience with Sharp has been so great so far.  We hardly had to wait once we got to the ER.  Practically walked in.

The ER docs weren’t quite sure what was going on either and I knew what that meant…  a stay.  They suspected my gallbladder but they needed to find out for sure so I was admitted.  Kinda weird going from the airport to hospital.  I at least knew they would take good care of me.

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