Vacation – Part 5 – Puntarenas, Costa Rica

The day after Quatemala we had another day at sea and I was rather sick.  I couldn’t break my fever and had chills, sweats and was just exhausted.  This was also my first day to start taking my chemo pills again and all I could do is hope it would get me back on my feet for the rest of the trip.
The only time I left the room all day was to go to the “iLounge” to buy some internet time.  I figured if I was going to be down and out for the day I could at least check in with my warriors for some encouragement.  It was a nice check in, but DAMN is internet on the boat EXPENSIVE!
I did leave the room to have a formal dinner with everyone but started to fall asleep while waiting for the dessert menu.  Needless to say I turned in rather early.

The following morning I started feeling better.  Yay!  Appetite was coming back and I felt like I could enjoy the day.
All 6 of us left the boat this time (4 of us, Mary and MJs dad Joe).  We found a driver and guide right outside the boat to take us to the rainforest.  He had a nice small air conditioned bus that he would take just the 6 of us in for a price that we had expected to pay sharing with a big group of people.  Perfect!  Right as we were getting on the bus there was a couple who had been trying to find a group to go with so we invited them to come with us.  Worked out nice since it didn’t change the price of the bus so we saved a little money and they got to find a group to go with.  Win win.

The first place we stopped was at a park.  Kinda like a state park except this one was full of MONKEYS!  It was amazing.  Of course I’ve seen monkeys before, but I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve seen one in the wild.

Next stop was to the Puntarenas town center which also looks like all of the others I mentioned.  There was a beautiful church on the outskirts.

We drove around the area to see the countryside.  Saw a Howler monkey in a tree by the side of the road. Very green here too.  Beautiful.

The next part of our tour was on the “Crocodile Man Tour  …and Bird watching paradise!!!”  I can honestly say this was the most incredible boat ride I’ve ever been on.
It was a long & flat covered river boat.  Perfect views.
We weren’t on the water very long before the guides pointed out a crocodile.  Just hovering at the surface of the water.  Close enough for a good look and far enough away to not fear for the safety of limbs. Or children.

We saw a bunch of pretty birds all over and then the guide announced there was another crocodile.  He pulled up to shore, pulled some chicken out of a cooler and started heading to the water.  In bare feet.  He started slapping the water with the chicken and the croc headed right for him.  I thought he’d wait until it was close enough to throw it out to it, but ohh nooo…  THIS MF IS CRAZY!  Croc came right up to him and he just about put his fingers in it’s mouth.  I cringe when I see stuff like this on TV, you can’t imagine how nuts it is to see in real life.

He did this with 2 more crocs.  The 3rd croc was HUGE.  Ginormous.  It wasn’t moving when he was slapping the chicken so the guy waded out into the water and opened it’s mouth.  I thought it totally had be fake because there was no way this was really happening!  But it was.  And I have no words to describe it.  You just need to watch the videos.

Sadly, I didn’t realize I left my second camera battery at the ship until we were on the bus.  Luckily I had enough juice to get the incredible shots I did, but my battery died not too long after the croc videos.  I got some pics on my iPhone but obviously not great ones.

Our last stop was driving through the rainforest.  He stopped once so we could walk a small trail and across a suspension bridge.  We didn’t see too much wild life.  One of the coolest things we got to see was a huge trail of leaf cutter ants.

We decided to skip dinner in the dining room that night and went for the buffet.  I had a salad, sushi and pizza.  Why didn’t we do this before?!??

It was a great finish to an amazing day.

One thought on “Vacation – Part 5 – Puntarenas, Costa Rica

  1. AHHHHH! Look at that Croc Eye!!! Man, I can picture that 11×16! Great storytelling, you have me aching for more! Can’t wait for my next adventure!

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