Vacation – Part 4 – Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala

All the resting seemed to pay off and I felt much better for our day in Guatemala. We got in with a tour who took us to Antigua.  Oh, and let me just say that we paid less than ½ for a very similar tour that was offered through the cruise line.  We’d been debating for weeks before leaving if we should book an excursion but it seemed to pay off to not have.

Our first stop was in a Mayan village where we sampled home made tortillas and saw a very small coffee plantation.  There was a beautiful view on the top of the building.
Everything very green and beautiful.

From there we went on to the Hotel Casa Santo Domingo in Antigua.  Very old hotel.  I didn’t really follow what the tour guide was saying about it.  Partly because I couldn’t understand or hear and partly because I was kinda tired.  I think she mentioned something about they filmed a movie there.  There was also a lot of beautiful art work.

Our next stop was at a marketplace in Antigua.  They were all very vocal as we walked through.  “Hey, Lady whatcho you need?” or “Lady, lady very good price for you today”.  It got a little overwhelming.  I did buy a blanket though.  I’ll have to take a picture of it.

Last stop was in the town square of Antigua.  The center square as I mentioned before was in the same style as so many other Mexican cities.
Overall it was a nice little tour.  In the middle of these stops she took us to a chocolate factory, a candle factory and a jade place.

Once again though, I wasn’t feeling so well by the end of the evening.  I really don’t want to miss these great places to see but I do have to be careful of overdoing it.



One thought on “Vacation – Part 4 – Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala

  1. Sounds like such an amazing trip and I can only imagine your frustration of having waves of illness, I’m glad you are being cautious and not just GOING ALL OUT! xoxo

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