Vacation – Part 3 – Two Days at Sea

It was no surprised after 2 pretty full days in a row that I was quite ill on the first of the 2 sea days.  The same stuff that’s been a problem, just started getting worse.  Fevers, chills, sweats.  I knew I was in a bad way when I’m on a cruise ship and didn’t really feel like eating.
So I pretty much rested all day.  Watched a bit of TV, but mostly slept and tried to get through the night without having to see the ship’s doctor at a $100 a pop.  I’m supposed to go no matter what if I get above 103 and I managed to stay below it.

Second day I started feeling a bit better but still took it easy most of the day.  I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t put myself in a position to have to miss a port day.

Kian wanted to take “the galley tour” which sounded interesting to me as well so we decided to check that out. We went a little early and was still towards the end of almost 600 people. They gave numbers to everyone breaking them up to take smaller groups through.  They ran out of numbers and told us they would still get us in but it would be a wait.  During the wait the head chef and some other official type guy did a Q&A session.  After along time waiting, the one guy tells us how surprised he was at the size of the tour since they would be doing another one at a later day.  Um, what?!??  That would’ve been really great information TWO HOURS ago.  Jerk.  Oh well.  It was still neat to see.

I did feel well enough in the afternoon to take a swing dance class with MJ.  We took dance classes prior to our wedding so we did pretty well.  And I even had fun 😀

We went to the nightly show as well and saw a hilarious magician.  Kian even liked the show.


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