Vacation – Part 1 – Sea Day & Cabo

We made it on the boat!

Once we settled into our cabin we had dinner.  We watched the first night show and got acquainted with the boat so it won’t take 3 days to figure out where everything is.  Took the kids up to the “Fun Factory” .  They are enrolled in this for the entire trip which I admit I was pretty stoked about.  The room is very small and they can get all sorts of wound up so I thought this was a pretty good solution for us and them.

Our first day was at sea.  MJ and I decided to check out the “Music Trivia: 80s Music”.  Why not, right?  And, we won.  That’s right. Took down all of the 70 year old bitches who thought they could mess with us!   There was one other team that was close to our age who missed 2.  We only missed 1.  Won us some pens!  Jealous?
Not knowing how to spend the day after our big win, MJ and I checked out the hot tubs in the afternoon while the kids spent the whole day in the fun factory.  Lounged, ate and watched the night show.  Very relaxing day.

The one thing I noticed is the average age seems to be quite old.  There are only 17 kids on the ship under the age of 17.  And there doesn’t seem to be very many people my age even.  I figured though with my colostomy and the fact that I was nodding off during the evening show I fit right in.

I started not feeling so well the second night.  Night sweats again and had a mild fever.  I’m guessing that all the crap food I’ve been eating hasn’t helped, but I think it’s mainly due to being off the chemo pills right now.  This was happening before I started chemo and stopped as soon as I started.  I’ll be off the pills for 3 more days.  Hopefully I won’t get too sick in the mean time.

The following day was our first port stop Cabo San Lucas.  It was our only stop where we had to tender to shore.  Luckily we didn’t have big plans because we got tickets for one of the last boats over.

Once we got there we talked to a local tourist info who helped put us in touch with a place that would take us snorkeling.  Well, it was basically a guy who has a small rickety glass bottom boat.  He agreed to just take the 5 of us (MJ’s mom, Mary + the 4 of us).
He took us to a less populated beach that was really nice.

The water was COLD.  MJ got in first and then Kian and Mary.  Nalani tried getting in and cried because it was too cold.  That was my first tip off…  when the 7 year old is crying over the temperature, there’s no way that it could be remotely warm enough for me. I put my feet over the edge and Dipped my feet in.  YIKES.  Yeah, not so much warm at all.  I decided I didn’t want to get in.  But of course they were all trying to coax me in saying it wasn’t that cold once you got “used to it”.
It took about 10 minutes of prodding until I finally jumped in.  I still suspect there may have been some pushing involved.  It was the coldest water I’ve ever felt in my life.  I tried to enjoy the snorkeling but I was having trouble even catching my breath.  MJ was so sweet swimming with me and pointing out all of the fish trying to make it an enjoyable time.  I think I was in the water a total of 5 minutes before I couldn’t take it anymore and got back on the boat.  I was really surprised that I couldn’t make it but MJ was OK.  She usually gets way more cold before I do.  Found out later that I likely had a fever during the time we were out.  I took my temp as soon as we got back and it was a bit high.

We enjoyed a boat ride around the arch and walked around the shore a bit before heading back to our ship.

It was a great day but boy was I tired.  Watched a comedian that night and I started nodding off again.  Even the old people were showing me up.

More photos:


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