One Down, Let’s Take a Trip!

I finished my first round of chemo today.  Nothing new from the check in last week so I would say the whole first round was (thankfully) relatively uneventful.  I now have a week off from all of it and will start taking the pills again in a week while were on the cruise.  The pills didn’t seem to have too much of an effect on me so I should be fine for the trip.  I have plenty of nausea medication.  Worst thing is if I start to feel bad I just wrap myself up and plant myself on the deck.  Not a bad way to be sick if I’m going to be.

We had a wonderful Easter.  We decorated eggs on Saturday.  That’s always a fun mess.

And on Sunday morning the kids got up at the crack of dawn to find all of the filled plastic eggs and their baskets that the Easter Bunny left.
Last summer when we were in Michigan for my sister’s wedding, the kids tried Combos for the first time ever.  They’re pretzels filled with fake spreadable cheese for those of you who’ve never had them before.  We got some to fill some of the plastic eggs with.  The kids opened them and said “Hey! These eggs have Michigan pretzels in them!”.  And so Combos shall forever be known by our children as “Michigan pretzels”.

After the hunt we went to church for a uplifting Easter service and had a restful afternoon.  Well, I did since I was having some shoulder pain.  Poor MJ had to take care of stuff.  And me.  She needs this trip more than anyone right now.

And so speaking of the trip, we leave tomorrow!  We are all very excited.  I’m not sure why but it hasn’t really hit me yet.  I think because I didn’t want to get my hopes up for so long until we were in the clear from the doc.  And now that we are I guess it just hasn’t sunk in.  Everyone is all packed and ready to go.  Except for me, of course.  I always wait until the last minute.  Plus, I have to go to an unexpected Drs appointment in the morning now.  I had some bleeding around the ostomy I need to get checked out.  Of course it stopped now, but better safe than sorry.
Plus I have strings hanging out of my long incision.
Did you just say, “wait, what?”   Cause that’s what I said when I saw them come out of me.

I noticed a bump at the top of my incision since the surgery but thought it was just skin healing awkward. Last night It was very itchy and I couldn’t resist giving it a good scratch.  That’s when I noticed it starting to come unraveled.  And now I have these 2 white strings sticking out of my belly.  Weird, huh?
Figured I’d have the doc check those out too.

And then were off!  We get to the port at 1pm and the boat leaves at 4.
Our first stop will be Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  Then onto Acapulco, Mexico; Puerto Quetzal, Guatamala and Puntarenas, Costa Rica. We cruise through the Panama Canal and then we stop in Colon, Panama and Cartagena, Columbia before heading back to the US ending in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  We’ll fly home from there.

Interesting note – The 100 year anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic is April 15th at 02:20 GMT.  We will be out at sea during that time.  Interesting place to be I thought.  I wonder if they’ll mention it.

I have no idea if we will have any internet connection in the next 2 weeks.  I doubt it since I won’t want to pay for it.  I do know that our ship has the first Authorized Apple Reseller at Sea.  So it is possible they might have some free wi-fi.  We’ll see.
If you don’t hear from me for the next 2 weeks?  I didn’t find free connection.
If I don’t get the chance to update while were there, I’ll fill you all in when I get back!





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