Just a little bit of history repeating

So this is a weird post.

After everything we’ve shared in this journey so far, I’m not sure why this was so difficult to decide to put out there. The more I thought about it though, the more it just makes sense to.  It’s ALL part of story and while there’s been a few things I’ve left the details out on, there really hasn’t been anything I’ve purposely kept from you all.

As we’ve gone along in this process and have experienced various levels of pain and sickness, one thing we started to talk about was medical marijuana.
Yes, I admit that I have smoked marijuana recreationally in my 20’s.
-And yes, I know some of you out there are laughing right now.  Stop it.  I was an angel in my 20’s and this news is coming as a shock to some people.    😀

Medical marijuana is legal in the state of California with a doctor recommendation.  So with my personal history and the fact that I am an actual candidate for the service, I’m not sure why it was still so strange to do.
Part of the problem was while it is legal here in CA, it’s not legal federally.  This could pose some risks.  However, I think (and would hope) that they would be more concerned about the big boy ops than this stage IV cancer patient who’s having a few hits to try and get her dinner down.  But you never know.
The other part of the problem was how.  How do we get it?  How should I do it if I don’t want to smoke it.  How much would we need?  We eventually figured those would be answers we could find if we decided to get it.
And we did.

 I finally decided it could be a very big help through chemo and why not have another option that could help?

Getting “The Stuff”
We had a friend help us get the Dr. recommendation which pretty much amounted to filling out a bunch of paperwork and signing releases to my medical records.  I was given all of the info on how it all works and was sent my recommendation letter.
Now for the goods.
I’m not sure when it all started happening, but I did know that all of the dispensaries in San Diego were getting raided and shut down.  It’s a long explanation, but basically it is still legal for me to get, just more difficult.  To be honest though, I did see a few of these places before they shut down and I’m not sure I would’ve been very comfortable going in anyway.

So on recommendation from another friend, I got a website for “home delivery services”.  Now this seemed REALLY weird.  I couldn’t imagine how this was going to work.  The website seemed legit though and actually seemed to have a “medical” focus.  Soooo, why not?  Let’s call and find out!
The woman on the phone was super professional and informed me how their services worked.  She told me I could look on their website for the “menu of the day” but that they didn’t take any pre-orders.  We set up a time to meet here at the house and they would bring the menu to us.

The doorbell rang at our appointed time and there was a man standing there with a giant pizza delivery bag.   OK, this is going to be an experience!
We sat at the dining room table and he started showing me all of the goods he had in the bag.  He had different strains of marijuana, edibles, pills, teas etc.  Quite a variety I wasn’t expecting.  I explained that my main need for use would be for appetite.  That I’ve already been having trouble with it.  He was super helpful and picked out a few different strains.  And of course since we were first timers, he had all kinds of deals and freebies for me.  He was super helpful.

I ended up with enough of a variety to see what will work the best.  I wasn’t going to get any edibles, but really wanted to try the “jolly ranchers”.  Decided to try a brownie too.  Got a vaporizer so I don’t actually have to smoke.  Easier on the lungs and seems to last longer.

Trying It
As I said, I do have a history with this, but it’s been a VERY long time.  I was a little nervous.
The first time I got a little bit of a buzz and was able to eat my lunch a little more easier than normal.  It was good.  Nothing crazy.  Which is what I want.  While it sounds fun, I really don’t want to be high all the time.
I’ve done this a few times this week and it’s been good so far.

And then I decided to try one of those “jolly ranchers”…
The guy said I should consider just having a half.
I should’ve listened.
Let’s just say I got a little more “medicine” than I needed.  The first sign of it was reading the first draft of this blog post.  I don’t know that I saved it, but that was quite a read.  So I pretty much sat in my chair, watched TV and munched until the cats didn’t seem to be looking at me funny anymore.  The hilarious thing about all of this is my dream days in my early 20’s would be to get high in the recliner and watch TV.  Now that’s the one thing I can do and I want to do anything but.
God certainly has a sense of humor. 

2 thoughts on “Just a little bit of history repeating

  1. Just make certain that you are getting “the munchies” for healthful, organic whole foods! The last thing that you want to do is place a burden on your liver to detoxify the chemicals in all of the processed, GMO and industrial farmed foods. I know that MJ has that covered! Also, just in case…you can get an actual prescription from any physician for Marinol…however, God’s herb has a much quicker response for you than the pharmaceutical version! I have never partaken, but perhaps when I retire and no longer have the risk of losing my nursing license, I MIGHT try it…it would totally blow my kids away!!! Love you Heather!

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