Hospital Part 5 – Friends and home

Five posts to sum up the hospital experience!  It was quite the event.  Spending 10 days in the hospital is a LONG time but it really didn’t feel like it.  We were kept quite busy with family and friend visits.  There wasn’t one day that we didn’t have a visitor.  In fact, one nurse appreciated my popularity, but made me take a nap a couple of afternoons.

My dad decided to fly over from Phoenix last minute on both weekends.  Very pleasant surprise.  And then my bestie, Jen, flew in from Indiana and completely surprised me.  It was super awesome!  She could only stay the night, but it was so worth it.

And for those of you who came to visit when I was a little out of it, I’m sorry.  Probably wasn’t nearly as fun for you as it was for me 😀

After 10 days I was pretty much ready to go home, but I was also a bit anxious.  Nervous.  So much had changed and it was going to be a bit strange dealing with all of these new things at home.  You get used to knowing what to expect in the hospital.
Packing up after 10 days was crazy too.  Where did all of that stuff come from?!??

Despite the apprehensiveness, two furry kitty hugs reassured there’s no place like home.


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