Hospital Part 2 – The Surgery

On Sunday March 4th in the afternoon I had my surgery.
When we consulted with the surgeon before hand he couldn’t tell us for sure what he would be doing until he got in there.  I guess it was difficult to see just from the scans what would need to be moved or removed.  This made going into surgery a bit more interesting and scary.  I had no idea what I was going to wake up to and that was such a weird feeling.

The guy who cut me open was Dr. Allan Gamagami.  I had trouble remembering his name at first so he had many nicknames. Hitachi. Gamma Gamma. Dr. Gummi Bears. -just to name a few.
He’s a direct kinda guy which I liked and was frustrated with at the same time.  He has an accent that I couldn’t quite pin down.  All the time he would say, “OK, Miss Heather, let’s go” or “OK, Miss Heather, what are you doooing” like if Sebastian the crab from the Little Mermaid was a surgeon.

The last thing I remember going into surgery was waiting in the hallway with MJ and my Dad. I was scared but ready to get it over with.

I gave my best warrior face before going in…

This would be the best I would feel for quite awhile.

I remember being moved into the room but not much else.
The first thing I remember coming to was yelling at the poor nurses.  I was not a happy camper.  I just kept yelling out how much it hurt and they kept telling me to calm down and to quiet down.  Apparently I didn’t.  I needed to tell everyone how much it hurt. Loudly.
I don’t remember much until getting back into my room.  Even that’s pretty fuzzy.

The surgery was 2 1/2 hours.  They removed 10cm of my colon including the cancerous mass. They redirected the rest of my colon so I now have a colostomy.  More on that later.
They also removed both of my ovaries and the masses on each of them which were both cancerous. They took out 14 lymph nodes and 5 of them were cancerous.

Dr. Gamagami said the surgery went much better than he had anticipated and was quite successful.  Being the no-shit kinda guy he is, that was great news to hear.

And then…     the recovery.
Part 3 to come.


2 thoughts on “Hospital Part 2 – The Surgery

  1. My ex has a colostomy bag… for about 10 years, I believe now. While they suck to have to have… it’s better than losing your life. Which is what I always had to remind her of. I’m sorry that this has happened to you, especially at a young age. But, I’m so glad that you’re doing this warrior style!!!! Your attitude, through all of this, has just amazed me. I really respect your strength!!!

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