Celebrations and AMDs

Haven’t posted in a few days because we’ve been busy and spending some family time together.  Nalani’s birthday isn’t until the 23rd but we celebrated this weekend. She invited some of her best friends over to play on Saturday.  They’re super cute together.

On Sunday we got together with Grandpa & Grandma and Kate & Amy for the adult lunch at IHOP.  The waiter give me a “girl, whatcho doing trying to eat here” look when I told him I was vegan, but I did manage to find something to eat.
I think I have one picture on my phone from Sunday.  I’ll have to look.
One thing I’ve noticed lately is that I haven’t been taking a lot of pictures.  It’s kinda weird because I LOVE taking pictures.  I noticed this happening around Thanksgiving.  Perhaps I was already starting to feel tired then.  Subtly and didn’t realize it.  Now that I’m sick I think part of it is just feeling bleh sometimes and I think part of it  is just enjoying the moment.  I’ve never felt like I was missing anything taking pictures, but it does take focus an work sometimes.  I’m sure I’ll be picking up my camera again soon since I do love it.  Its just one of those things I’m taking a break from right now I guess.

After our Sunday lunch our friends came over to help us fill out our Advanced Medical Directives.  Do we know how to rock a Sunday afternoon or what?
MJ and I had discussed quite a few times how we needed to do this with the traveling we do.  Just one of those things we never got around to.  I also do not have a living will, any instructions for funeral or any of that fun stuff.  Those things you think “jeez, I should really get around to doing those” and put off.  I didn’t really think I was going to have any kind of need for any of it for along time.  And hopefully that is still the case.  Unfortunately though, these are papers I now have to fill out.  And honestly, it kinda sucks to do right now.  I’m kicking myself that I didn’t just spend a day and get it over with when I didn’t have to face difficult medical issues.  So, my friends, if these are things that you have also put off doing?  Do yourself a favor and crank ’em out.  You can always make changes later if you need to, but you at least have the bulk of it done.

Yesterday MJ and the kids were all home.  We played some games and finished number 1 of the 12 puzzles.

I’ve always thought puzzles were more of a solo sport while MJ thinks it’s more of a team player activity.  At one point all 3 of them were huddled over the table and around me testing my OCD space issues.  MJ complained I was cranky but all things considered I handled it well.  I didn’t tear out all the pieces and flip the table over and the puzzle was finished even.  I call that success!


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