Biopsy day

I was just giddy this morning.  Felt more like we were getting ready to go on vacation somewhere rather than going in to have a needle jammed in my side.  It was just exciting to be DOING something.  Moving forward.

I was in pre-op for a couple of hours waiting for the procedure.  I did get a little nervous when they finally wheeled me down.  Not because I though it would hurt, I just wasn’t sure what the whole sedation thing was going to be like.

Once I got all settled on the table I expected they would tell me when they would give me the goods.  I sat still and stared at the pretty tropical mural painted on the ceiling.  I started to feel nice and warm.  Very comfortable.  Didn’t seem like I was there very long and they were done.  I don’t remember a thing.  Just staring at that mural.  Didn’t feel anything.  It was nice.  Weird that I was awake the whole time though.

I took this picture while I was waiting for MJ to pick me up.  The picture itself was rather reflective of how I felt.  Felt good, but was still a little fuzzy.

They monitored me in post-op for about an hour and I was free to go home. I was a bit loopy for a few hours.  Probably should’ve did a blog post then.
I did start to have a bit of pain in the afternoon but nothing that a couple of Tylenol couldn’t help.

Doc said we should have results as early as tomorrow but maybe not until Monday.  I’m OK with that. MORE than OK. I expected to have to wait a whole week, so I’m pleasantly surprised at even Monday.

I must admit that it’s going to be a little weird to know.  Strange huh?  I’ve lived with this unknown for weeks now and while it’s driven me crazy, I’ve also come to a comfortable place with it.  While it doesn’t change what it is, giving it a name will start a new process for me.  I will need to start a new relationship with this “named” thing.
There’s also knowing things that I maybe don’t want to know.  Like, say, this ends up being pancreatic cancer.  The reality of the prognosis of that type of cancer is a little more difficult to deal with than possibly ovarian or colon.
It’s weird. It feels like I’m taking a big spin on the cancer roulette wheel hoping for a “good” cancer.  But lets face it, none of them are going to be any kinds of fun.

One thought on “Biopsy day

  1. Looks like you’re just going through this with such a positive attitude! I love seeing the pictures that you include with your posts! Keep up the good work. We’re all sending you our energy for strength, endurance & positive vibes.

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