A little surprise(d)

Saw the oncologist today and unfortunately we now have more questions than answers.

The first part of the appointment was with the gynecological senior resident. She did another standard exam with an added quick finger up the bum bonus.  Yowsa!  Never had that happen before.  At least she was quick about it.  I’m pretty sure I missed a few sentences afterwards.  Took me a minute to look her in the eye again.
(What did I tell you about that TMI filter?)

She went over pretty much what the last doc said and thought surgery would be the next step and even said we would get a date scheduled today.  Awesome!  She said she’d be back with the oncologist in a few minutes.

MJ played with all of the stuff in the drawers while we waited, which was quite fun.  I need to remember to keep my phone closer at hand for photos.

Oncologist doc came in with the doc we just saw and showed us pictures from the last scan.  He said the masses in my ovaries aren’t typical for ovarian cancer.  I guess they are more fluidy.  Geez, even my ovaries retain water!
He also said it’s not typical in ovarian cancer for the liver lesions to be on the inside, which mine are.
So basically, he’s not saying it’s not ovarian cancer, but he’s not saying it is.  And he’s not saying it’s not cancer.  Isn’t that interesting?

Sooooo next step is they want to biopsy my liver to get an answer on the primary.  He sent the order to radiology and I was left with a “don’t call us, we’ll call you” when they’re ready to schedule it.  Likely end of the week they will call and who knows when they’ll be able to schedule.
Are you fucking serious?
Part of the system now.

The one thing the gyno said too that was a little frustrating was when she was talking to us about getting a surgery date, she said it would probably be within 6 weeks.  SIX WEEKS?!??  So even if we get the biopsy back fairly quickly and do determine it’s ovarian, were probably going to have to wait 6 weeks until surgery.
I’m putting all the last good vibes I have out there that this is not what’s going to happen.
Should this be a good sign?  I guess they think I’ll live at least that long.  Whew!

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