ohhh Bonus post

Spent the rest of the day today with the family and it was good.  The kids dad, Brian came over and we introduced the kids to Star Wars!  I think Brian and I were a little more excited than they were.  They seemed like they were getting into it.  Probably Kian more than Nalani.

Big day tomorrow. We meet with the oncologist. Finally. I’m excited. I can’t believe how much I’m looking forward to something that is going to be so shitty. But I feel like were finally gonna get moving forward. Get on with it!
The gyno on Thursday said they would likely start with a full hysterectomy and a “debulking” process where if they see cancer and it can be taken out, they will.  Basically they’re gonna scrape me out.  Then likely chemo to follow.  I’m hoping we can start this process very soon.  My antsy pants can’t take much more of the “hurry up and wait”.

In preparation for some recovery down time, I’m looking for suggestions for movies, shows or games.  Hit me up with ’em.
And btw…  if you haven’t seen this http://www.nbc.com/betty-whites-off-their-rockers  do. it. now.

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