So far, so good

Met with a liver specialist today.
He showed me pictures from the scans last week and explained a whole bunch of stuff that I’m not sure I completely processed.  He did tell me I had nice pictures.  From someone who looks like he’s been doing this awhile, I’ll take that as a compliment 😀
What I did get out of it is that he confirmed based on a few things that he doesn’t feel that the lesions are primary liver cancer.  Which is very good.  He said my kidneys, spleen, pancreas and the bowls he could see all look very good.  I got to see the gallstone in my gallbladder, but other than the stone he said that looks good too.  Chest x-rays looked clear.

This was all very good news to hear.  Don’t have an answer yet, but I like that were moving ahead.
The next step he said was to get results from more blood panels and the second CT scan which I did both tonight, so hopefully there will be more results tomorrow.  If the blood tests come back abnormal then it’s colonoscopy time!  Whoo hoo!  If they come back in somewhat normal range then I’m looking at a liver biopsy.  In my brief stray to webmd the other night, there were things I read that lead me to suspect the colon.  (don’t worry, I’ve resisted going back)  Guess well see.

So were moving forward.  One day at a time.

It’s hard to do a warrior pose in a hospital gown moo moo.

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