Up and down

I managed to go back to sleep after my last post and this morning I felt the best I’ve felt in at least 2 weeks.  I had energy, spirits were up, anxiety down.  It was good.
We headed to church and it was peaceful to be surrounded with such a wonderful family.  And when it was time for the sermon, here’s what it was…

HA!  Thanks, Pastor Tim.  Certainly needed that today.

Had a nice peaceful afternoon with the family and all was well until about 6.  I started going downhill.  Right now, I’m pretty sick.  And like I said, this is the hard part of not knowing what’s going on.  It kinda feels like that smoke monster from LOST is after me.  Not sure what it is, but it’s scary as fuck.  And without a plan of attack I feel defenseless.  Hopefully we’ll have more answers tomorrow than we do today and Tuesday we’ll hopefully know more than we will on Monday.
In the mean time, I have incredible support from family and friends and an amazingly strong wife who I know is right by my side.  Up or down.


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