Day 2

I am overwhelmed and filled with warm fuzzies with all of the words of support, encouragement and love.  I can’t tell you how much this means right now and I love you all so much.
Today was, well, interesting.

No new news. Boooo.
Played phone tag with doctors all morning trying to get in for the additional scans but they can’t get me in until Monday night.  I was very disappointed to hear that, but it is what it is.

Besides that, the morning started out great.  I felt good and was so overjoyed to hear from so many people and it was a wonderful distraction to get through the day.  I started not feeling well as the day went on though.  I didn’t sleep all that well last night.  Shocking, right?  Not entirely due to emotions.  I feel like I’m coming down with a cold again.  Achy. Stuffy. Blah.  This all got worse as the day went on which lead me to looking up stuff on the internet.
Friends, at the very least until Monday I need you to NOT LET ME DO THAT.  Seriously. I kinda freaked out a little.  Minor panic attack.  And it’s just silly.  No matter what news I get next week I’m not gonna take it face value anyway so I don’t even know why I went there.  So send me stuff.  Stupid YouTube links.  A documentary about how chairs are made.  I’ll watch it.  I’m a documentary sucker.  I really don’t care what it is if it keeps me off of the damn webmd.

I’m better now.  At least mentally.  Some amazing friends brought us dinner and MJ came home from work.  That was all I needed in the world.

Other random thoughts from the day, let’s see…
– I’m a little concerned about my arms.  It’s only been a week of tests and my arms are already starting to look like a banged up junkie.  I guess it’s a good thing I’m telling people what’s going on or people would be taaaalkin.
– I had a thought run through my head that I should’ve posted more pictures of myself lately.  Why?  Because I’ve lost quite a bit of weight since most people have seen me.  And I want people to know that I lost that BEFORE i got sick.  Damn it.  Now people are just going to assume I’m getting all skinny because I’m sick.  Hmmph.

My dad’s cousin mention haka in a post to me today.  Haka is a Maori war cry dance. For those of you that don’t know, MJ and I honeymooned in New Zealand and that’s where our last name came from.  Moana means “ocean” in Maori.  We were fortunate enough to see a haka while we were there and it’s actually where my “warrior pose” inspiration came from.  Check out a video here
Here’s a picture I took

Here’s my try at it

I haven’t quite got it down yet.  I’ll have to work on that.

And if that didn’t make you laugh, check out some of these…


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