Soooo I’m gonna blog now

I have cancer.

Well, I might.  It’s likely.
That’s what I was told today.

It’s weird to say that.  Everything feels kinda weird today actually.
So why not write about it?

I like to share and tell stories, so I’m gonna let you in on all the gory details of this one.

I haven’t been feeling well for a few weeks now.  I had what I still think was a gallbladder episode a couple of weeks ago.  Luckily.  It got me to go into urgent care and get an ultrasound.  Nothing painful and the tech was cute.  No sweat.  I figured they would call and tell me I would need to have it removed.  And that would be the big discussion MJ and I would have since she wouldn’t want me to do it and I was leaning towards it.
When my doctor called to tell me they found spots on my liver it felt like she was punching me there.  She hardly mentioned the gallstone and was ordering tests left and right yet trying to tell me everything was probably fine in a tone of voice that lead me to believe it wasn’t.  So today’s news was not a complete and total jaw dropping shock.  But it still is weird to hear. And I kinda made this face

What I was told today is that they think the spots are secondary cancer.  Not originating in the liver.  So now we need to find where it came from.  So I really don’t know a lot.  I know I’m in for some not very fun days and some poking and prodding.  Beyond that, we will just have to see when we know.

I would’ve imagined news like this to be devastating, but it’s not.  I’m not scared and that’s kinda freaking me out.  I’m a little sad but mostly I’m mentally taking warrior pose.  I’m preparing for battle.  I just don’t know what kind of army I’m up against yet.
I very much believe in the power of prayer and positive thought and that is another reason I have chosen to blog this little adventure.  I want to share this journey with my family and friends and invite you mentally take warrior pose with me right now.  And as soon as I know what kind of army were up against, I’ll let you know.

Here’s some things I like you to know in the mean time:
1. Feel free to ask me questions.  Anything.
2. Don’t be weird around me. Seriously. Stop it.  I’m sick, but I’m still Heather.
3. Laughter is good medicine.  Feel free to share it with me.  Send me shit, you know like

Cause that’s hilarious.

And lastly, know that I’m fine.  This is not ideal by any means, but I’m as OK as I can be.

Warrior poses!

2 thoughts on “Soooo I’m gonna blog now

  1. Hi Squirt!
    Can’t believe this is happening. So sorry not to have been in touch sooner – you’ve been on my mind so much since your dad told me what was going on with you. Praying, praying, praying is what I’ve been doing. Hoping, hoping, hoping that the docs are wrong, wrong, wrong. Please know that you are loved, even if we haven’t been connected in so very long. I hope that you get your answers tomorrow and that the news is, if not excellent, at the very least hopeful. I love you! The years can’t erase that.

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